I am a writer of non-fiction, a blogger of bits and pieces and a lover of language. Like many people, I suppose, I have written for as long as I can remember and have boxes in my loft full of fragments, old diaries of journeys, part-finished projects, notes of things I’ve read and thought to pursue. Lately, deep into middle age, I’ve decided to try to make writing my ‘work’.

I have lived in London since my early twenties but retain a strong sense of myself as a Scot. This influences my work, not so much to bring a Scottish voice as to carry a sense of displacement, of not quite belonging. The writing strand of my DNA is most active when I travel. Somehow being in other worlds sheds a light on my own and helps bring it into focus.

I started to blog in 2014 while taking a slow train journey to Istanbul with my husband, Jim. I’ve been adding to it ever since with pieces from home and abroad.

I’m currently working on two projects