A Scottish Sierra?

A Scottish Sierra?

Strange concept huh? But lo, I blog from the deep and wide valley of the River Clyde and can confirm that the barrancas hereabout do not lack for water. Nope, they are brimful and regularly replenished.

Unscheduled return on account of the aged mother being a poorly soul and in need of hands-on attention. Heavy-hearted, we left our sun-kissed pueblo and the little hopes and dreams we hoped and dreamed there. And here we are back in Blighty……

However, there remain stories to tell from there and from here so, in the blogging sense, I am still tuned in, fired up and ready to roll. Just to warn you, though, that it may be an odd medley of posts that appear in the next few weeks as I rustle up little sierran stories and share the unparalleled marvels of the Glasgow suburban winter!

Till soon.

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