Room 303 (three times worse than Room 101) at the Hotel Continental – sounds very grand but is anything but. Strangely, the TV in the lobby is tuned to Sky Sports 2 and 1-day cricket between England and Sri Lanka!

I have to tell you all that the omens are astonishingly good for this journey. We picked up a copy of Metro as we boarded the 11.58 at Teddington. Today’s horoscope for Cancerians (which goes for both of us) read as follows:

if you love travel, especially to more exotic and less visited locations, your mind can be ablaze today. And if you’re fortunate enough to be planning some kind of holiday, your anticipation could be all the higher……..

So, clearly we’re all set although not sure Brussels can be classified as exotic – although perhaps this part of town is setting a trend. Our hotel and this whole station area is like a little corner of North Africa with street traders and stalls selling spices and vegetables, groups of men in traditional robes chatting intently. Just 10 minutes up the road is the Grand Place, which could not be more European.

We partook of a small blond beer, of course, in a quiet bar off the Grand Place. Then dinner in the Cafe des Voyageurs with an entire wall lined with old leather suitcases. The travel theme continues.

Till tomorrow when we will point ourselves southwards and see what train leaves first.

  • Tony & Valerie Hull
    Posted at 00:14h, 04 June Reply

    Well, you’re “off & running” then Lizzie and I can hear the excitement in your first blog. What a wonderful thing for you two daarlings to do together and we’ll be following your exploits closely. They’ll be good days and not-so-good ones for sure!

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