Hablamos español!

Hablamos español!

Firstly, apologies for blog blackout in recent days. A mixture of distractions – some work (yes, real work) involving writing several thousand words, which left me speechless, or rather blogless; it seemed to use up all my verbal capacities, and then back they came just in time for the internet connection to go AWOL thanks to a rather dramatic storm. So it’s not that I haven’t been thinking about you….

And such a lot to catch up on, so here’s a quickie and another post to follow is all lined up to launch out there when we get reconnected.

I just got back from a conversation class with the amazing Amaya. If you read last year’s blog from these parts, you may remember I tracked down some classes at a language school in Almeria with the catchy name: London Thames Language School. In any case a few lessons with the delightful Amaya and I was hooked, so much so that I hooked up with her again this year. Her bread and butter is teaching English, and she tells me that Spanish conversation classes with me are a form of relaxation for her – oh yeah! She prepares things and then we take a detour in this direction or that. You see, I am a great natterer in conversation classes – well, the clue is in the name of the class, no? I have discovered that’s the best way to learn.

Tall, slim, with an incredible main of chestnut hair and teeth that are the envy of the province (and on regular display on her readily smiling face), Amaya is a grammar junkie. Absolutely right on when it comes to structure and syntax. And that makes her my kinda girl! Ooh the conjugations and irregularities, the active and the passive voicing their persuasive alternatives, the peppering of prepositions and participles, derivations, deviations, the idioms and idiocies of language, they all raise the heart rate to such a feverish pitch of joy! But seriously, I hadn’t realized till now how completely addictive language learning can be – but maybe I’m just odd? (Answers not invited.)

Anyway, three huge cheers for Amaya.

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