Not Sarajevo

Not Sarajevo

We had hoped to travel via Sarajevo, dropping into the famous city in the 100th year since its most famous event. They’ve even reopened the City Hall where the infamous Princip did the deadly deed. However, to say train travel to Bosnia, in Bosnia and from Bosnia is problematic would be an understatement. For In Bosnia most services to its neighbours are suspended or disrupted either because of the floods in the last month or two or because they’re just not in speakers again! Either way, we are missing Bosnia out and have come straight to….

Belgrade – 6.5 hours by train from Zagreb and a different world. We worked out the distance is not much more than London to Brussels but the journey is three times longer. We are so spoiled in Western Europe with our amazing infrastructure and should really never complain.

Very strange sensation arriving in the city with an ultra-modern bridge over the Danube coming into view just as we passed the most squalid shanty dwellings I’ve seen anywhere in Europe, Round the station is grubby, run down, like the old eastern Europe. Five blocks away cafe society alongside all the shopping you could want has arrived – this is how the east is being won? Cyrillic is being edged out but the conversion is incomplete. Such a work in progress…..

Written last night but couldn’t get a signal.

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