Some Croatian stuff

Some Croatian stuff

So I learned the usual four words in Croatian. Hello (in the ‘Good day’ sense) and thank you are the same as Slovenian – really helpful and now tripping effortlessly off the tongue! ‘Please’ has similarities (molim rather than prosim) but ‘Goodbye’ is a whole different ball game. Hello, as in ‘hello’ is ‘Bog’ and to say goodbye, you just ‘Zbogom’, with which one feels just a tiny but uncomfortable!

The Croatian for ‘Croatia’ is Hrvatska. Took us some time to work this out. We thought there was something odd about the HR on the cars and the .hr web addresses. Did T-Mobile HR mean the personnel department was listening to our calls? And then there’s the national TV station, HRT. Imagine one of ours relocating: “It’s over to Fiona Bruce on HRT”!

As I write, we have just crossed the border into Serbia where my little blackberry is tickled to be at large with a mobile network called YUMTS.YUGO3……

  • Hilary Ivory
    Posted at 18:18h, 17 June Reply

    Bog, Lizzie and Jim!
    I’m laughing out loud (or LOL, as the young’uns say) at Fiona Bruce on HRT and YUMTS.YUGO3. Lorca Cafe sans poets. Glands and grilled intestines (don’t even think of coming back any thinner or I’ll be force-feeding you porridge). And I’ve just added Zagreb to my bucket list.
    It’s terrific travelling in your backpack!

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