Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Jaka, who runs the place where we’re staying, suggested a walk to the Vintgar Gorge might suit folk like us. I guess she has us down as ‘bright light refusers’ – either she’s very astute or we’re easy to read. In any case, we cleared out of town early, with a sense of purpose and a barely adequate map, off towards Vintgar in the searing heat. It reached about 35 today.

Having ‘done’ some of the gorges in Crete last year we had low expectations. But wow! What a fantastic sight. Unlike the Crete gorges that you only do in summer when they’re dry, this one has water thundering through. A wooden walkway takes you (and a whole bunch of others) through the almost 2 km long section from where the relatively sedate river starts getting interesting to where it tips over a waterfall, not that high but with a massive force of water going through. The walkway criss-crosses the river and hugs the rock face, now in sunshine, now in shadow, a kind of waltz of light and dark and hot and cool as you follow it down. Dramatic shifts in temperature and the occasional cold spray. Stonking!

Find a hill to climb and the crowds thin out pretty quick! So we left the other ‘gorgers’ to retrace their steps and we took a track up the hill for another unexpected treat: a trail through some beautiful pine woods and a perfect shady spot for the cheese and tomato butties we’d tucked into the rucksack this morning.

Back via Bled, a cold beer and an altercation with an ATM – cursing of Lloyds bank was animated but very sotto voce. Then back to wash out the smalls and pack the rucksack – always like to save the best for last!

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